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YEET keycap profile

YEET is a keycap profile by shogzilla with both MX and Choc compatible files.
Published July 18, 2021

YEET is a set of open source STLs to produce MX or Choc compatible keycaps.

I was made aware of this profile by hcir321's Torn-case post.

How to:

  • Open 3d modeler of choice, one able to import STLs. Meshmixer is free and can do everything required.
  • Select a base; Choc or MX-spaced.
  • Select a stem; Choc or MX. Rotate it 90 degrees if desired. Apply it to the cross-shaped hole in the base so it fills the hole.
  • Select an indicator; apply it to the rectangular opening on the base.
  • Select a top. This, you'll need to resize so it matches the base.
  • Export as STL, import to chitubox or slicer of choice, slice, and print!

Published on Sun 18th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #35 (source).

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