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Yakamoz is a 50-key ortholinear keyboard by Özkan Çelik – it comes with an OLED display, buzzer, optional trackball and RGB underglow.
Published September 28, 2023
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After his Skywatch, Özkan Çelik aka ozkan/celikozkan came up with a feature-rich ortholinear keyboard: the Yakamoz:

Yakamoz is a special Turkish word which is used when the moonlight shines on the sea, ocean etc. There is no such a direct translation in English – Özkan.


  • 50 keys, ortholinear
  • MX, hotswap or soldered
  • Pi Pico / RP2040 / USB-C
  • Buzzer (optional)
  • OLED displays (optional)
  • Trackball (optional)
  • Underglow
  • QMK


SH1107 128x64 pixel or SSD1306 64x128 pixel OLEDs are supported, the RGB underglow means 12 SMD SK6812-SIDE-A(4020) LEDs, and the buzzer can play 8bit sounds, starting sounds, some noise on keystrokes, etc.


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Published on Thu 28th Sep 2023. Featured in KBD #137 (source).


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