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Yask Bois by Sndr666 – yet another split keyboard.
Published February 24, 2023

Sander Boer aka Sndr666 shared Yask ("yet another split keyboard"), designed for his hands. The pinky splay and the thumb key positions are to his specs and "are spot on".

I designed it in kicad as a non-reversible board, i.e. left and right are connected with a breakaway tab in order for it to be printed in one go. It was the first time designing a split with a mcu I never used before, so I was in no hurry to make life harder. And to my surprise, it works as advertised! – Sndr666.

For another keyboard by Sander – MX with Blackpill – check out the Lil Chonky Bois project.


  • 3x5+2 per half -> 34 keys
  • low-pro but MX-spaced(?)
  • hotswap
  • XIAO footprint (RP2040 for this build)


Published on Fri 24th Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).

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