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Yasui Umo with DIP caps

A Yasui Umo build by kaz_shares featuring DIP caps by rutomoda.
Published July 9, 2021

It turns out DIP is an open source 3D-printable keycap profile by rutomoda.

The files are on his github and on thingiverse.

Designed for simple manufacturing from sheet metal in conjunction with a stud welder and a belt grinder, this is a keycap for Kailh Choc low profile switches. It can also be 3D printed with SLA printing.

His other keycap profile design is the PRINCE.

Inspired by low poly and princess cut diamonds, this is a keycap for Kailh Choc low profile switches. It is designed for SLA 3D printing.

Published on Fri 9th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).

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Filco "patch caps"?

A relatively new keycap profile/system I wasn't aware of. Spotted in a Filco teaser posted by ffbe_noctis.

BOBO keycap profile

BoBo is a new uniform keycap profile from Tai Hao.

Keycaps, design and free kittens

Simon, co-founder of FK, looks back on 2022 where new projects were born, and into 2023 where more are coming. He is on a journey to make custom keycaps, new profiles and designer collaborations.

Handmade doubleshot keycaps

A video on the process of making double-shot keycaps by lispnick.

Choc keycaps on an FDM 3D printer

You can print decent Choc keycaps on an FDM 3D printer (pics), just tilt them 45°! Posted by irveln. (Waiting for STLs.)

EMA profile

The EMA keycap profile is an in-house development by IDOBAO. A sculpted, spherical profile.