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A 34-key diodeless split for larger hands: YetiS by jogme.
Published November 28, 2023
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YetiS(plit) was made and open sourced by Norbert Pocs (aka jogme or bananaNutellaPancake). This 34-key split keyboard is diodeless and supports OLEDs and LEDs.

Got tired of wrist pain so built this – bananaNutellaPancake.


  • 34 keys (6x3+2 – sort of…), MX
  • top pinky switch moved to the side for better reachability
  • Elite-C or compatible devboards
  • diodeless
  • OLED support
  • LEDs on the bottom



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Published on Tue 28th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #145 (source).


Truly Ergonomic Cleave

Chyrosran22 reviews the Cleave keyboard by Truly Ergonomic – with Outemu PG816 snap spring optoelectric switches.


The Reviung-inspired ReviungDash47 by tumler comes with some extra keys.

Generative kAiBoard

Pamungkas Sumasta's kAiBoard is an internet-connected device powered by ChatGPT with built-in virtual assistant, redefining user interaction.


Kretsträd is a Seeeduino Xiao BLE based 34-keys split keyboard by u/wj-zhe – running ZMK.

TBK Mini - a 3x6+3 Dactyl

Fmcraft's TBK Mini (a 3x6+3 Dactyl) with lots of info, git repo and a related video with designing tips.

Patrick: a 44 key unsplit

A 44 key unsplit keyboard by ak66666, combining the Crocodox halves into one.