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LoyalPotato's open-source Yggdrasil is a 36-key split keyboard with some extreme pinky splay.
Published May 5, 2022
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The Yggdrasil is a 36% split keyboard that is tailored to be comfortable to David's hand span.

Reversible PCB with (USB-C) Pro Micros running QMK firmware. Hotswap, and accommodates both MX and low-pro Choc switches.

The board was inspired by foostan's Corne, tapioki's Architeuthis dux and the kata0510s Lily58. And MrZealot's Ergogen was used to design the PCB.

GitHub repo:

Build guide:


At some point I also would like to add to each version an alternative with a rotary encoder, and will create separate variants for that as well – LoyalPotato.
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Published on Thu 5th May 2022. Featured in KBD #77 (source).



Radliński Ignacy designed a Dactyl-like ergo split in Fusion360 – the Basilisk.

Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split Torn build by bromanko (git) features mini tripods for tenting (gallery).

YA36 - with angled columns

The YA36 by se_le_x is a 36-key split keyboard with tight key spacing and angled columns (repo).

FinnGus keyboard kit

FinnGus is a cat shaped 3D printed through-hole FR4 Alice style kit inspired by the cats (Finn and Gus) of JackPikatea.

New version of the Lil Chonky Bois

New version of the Lil Chonky Bois by Sndr666. MX version added.

Low profile barobord

The low profile version of sadekbaroudi's barobord was added to the repo.