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Patrick Ryan shared his Yurigs80, a 84-key keyboard with Pi Pico and encoder.
Published October 25, 2023
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I wasn't entirely sure about the naming of this board, at least the github folder: 104key. As it turned out, the official name is Yurigs80 – designer Patrick Ryan (aka zuesmajor/pipemybiits) named it after his dog Yuri (and GS stands for German shepherd).

It's a 84-key keyboard on the more classic side of the layout spectrum – without numpad but with an extra column on the right.

Designed and built a second keyboard for fun. Usually build 36 keys but wanted to build a traditional one. Designed the pcb for a pi pico with an encoder – Patrick.



I originally wanted to make a 104 key but then switched to a 80 then gone too far ahead and realized it’s a pain to rename projects in kicad so I just left it. I guess newb mistakes when you’re new 😆 – Patrick.


  • 84 keys
  • MX (not hotswap)
  • Pi Pico
  • encoder


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Published on Wed 25th Oct 2023. Featured in KBD #141 (source).



SmartKnob is an open-source input device with software-configurable endstops and virtual detents – designed by Scott Bezek.


Introducing lulu - a design by boardsource_xyz based on the Lily58.

Gleb's handwired one

Gleb Sabirzyanov posted his colorful unnamed unibody keyboard.

EC12 encoder knob

Oak Ninja published a 3D printed EC12 encoder knob with skirt.


Hyper170's Essence is an angled unibody split populated by a standard ANSI keycap set.


Sebastian Stumpf shared the files of his Abomination, a classy split keyboard with trackpad and some splay.