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Yushakobo shop tour

Daihuku shot a cool video tour of Yushakobo, the iconic keyboard store in Tokyo.
Published April 11, 2022
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It seems Daihuku does these shop tours regularly, and after the last episode from August last year, a new video came out yesterday:

Yushakobo (or Yusha Kobo?) is a store specializing in self-made keyboards in Akihabara, Tokyo. "Self-made" means not just custom but also all the DIY kits designed by members of the Japanese keyboard community.

And that's exactly why I had to bookmark this video: Daihaku introduces each of the community-designed models on offer in the shop, which may come in handy for later when I have some time to update the split keyboard database.

This is a tour video that introduces the inside of Yushakobo! When I introduced all the (63) self-made keyboard kits on display in the store, the amount of editing was tremendous! – Daihuku.
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Published on Mon 11th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).


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