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Yushakobo shop tour

Daihuku shot a cool video tour of Yushakobo, the iconic keyboard store in Tokyo.
Published April 11, 2022

It seems Daihuku does these shop tours regularly, and after the last episode from August last year, a new video came out yesterday:

Yushakobo (or Yusha Kobo?) is a store specializing in self-made keyboards in Akihabara, Tokyo. "Self-made" means not just custom but also all the DIY kits designed by members of the Japanese keyboard community.

And that's exactly why I had to bookmark this video: Daihaku introduces each of the community-designed models on offer in the shop, which may come in handy for later when I have some time to update the split keyboard database.

This is a tour video that introduces the inside of Yushakobo! When I introduced all the (63) self-made keyboard kits on display in the store, the amount of editing was tremendous! – Daihuku.

Published on Mon 11th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).

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