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ZMK's second birthday

Pete Johanson's write-up for the second birthday of the ZMK firmware.
Published April 21, 2022
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ZMK, the wireless-first open-source keyboard firmware turned two today.

According to, ZMK Firmware is an open source (MIT) keyboard firmware built on the Zephyrâ„¢ Project Real Time Operating System (RTOS). ZMK's goal is to provide a modern, wireless, and powerful firmware free of licensing issues.

We've seen ZMK firmware used by several creators recently, e.g. on Lolcatz's Blank Slate, Zealousideal's Kiboard68 and Tony Jeffree's MiniNova, just to name a few.

And ZMK, apparently popular combined with NiceNanos, is exactly two years old today:

Two years ago, today, I minted the first ever commit for ZMK – petejohanson.

Read the full post written by creator @petejohanson in the ZMK blog:

While ZMK is currently missing some features found in other popular firmware (e.g. QMK's mouse keys or KMK/PRK's on-the-fly keymap update), Pete published another post on all the new features he and other contributors implemented recently (e.g. caps word, tap dance, e-paper display support, etc.).

Check out all the news here:

And of course here is the project's Github repo too:

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Published on Thu 21st Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #75 (source).


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