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Zaphod Lite

Pete Johanson published his Zaphod Lite, a hand solderable version of the original Zaphod – a feature-rich low-pro wireless monoblock split.
Published June 25, 2022

After validating the final protos, Pete Johanson made the Zaphod Lite open source.

This is a hand solderable version of the original Zaphod, using any XIAO footprint controller.

Speaking of XIAOs, are you aware that has a collab with Seeed Studio? Claim your free prototype here.


As Pete notes, for power efficiency reasons, when using a XIAO BLE, all input pins (rows, since using col2row diode direction) stay on the controller's GPIO pins directly so that interrupts can be detected to trigger scanning, allowing the controller to idle otherwise.

Outputs done via two controller pins and the shift register, so it can set all outputs high when idle to detect interrupts and start active scanning; and also set only one output pin high at a time, when needed for active scanning.

Shift registers, according to Pete, aren't technically SPI devices, but can share an SPI bus with other devices, "thanks to the RCLK pin acting roughly the same way a Chip Select (CS) pin does for an SPI peripheral".


Published on Sat 25th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #84 (source).

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Early prototype for the Avlo44 by jrp22.


Hotreus62 was shared by leo_beekeeb – a 60% hotswappable keyboard that supports both low-profile Choc and MX switches.

Thumbs Up! V2

Sasha Karmanov shared his distinctive Thumbs Up! V2 keyboard with a raised thumb cluster.


The Reviung-inspired ReviungDash47 by tumler comes with some extra keys.


Joe Scotto keeps churning out his handwired designs. This time the ScottoFly.


This handwired monster is tentatively named the Phatty105 (keymap) and is based on a (surprise!) CRKBD. Committed by jamopopper.