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Keyboard Builders' Digest / Inspiration

Zaphod in the acrylic plate case

Zaphod by petejohanson in the acrylic plate case.

I've been using some clear NuPhy caps to show off the purpz. Sadly, they're not available for purchase.

The purple PCBs from Elecrow beg to be shown off too.

Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).


Chocolate Bar

The love child of a 40% and a 1800. The Chocolate Bar by toastedmangoes.


The Glove80 by MoErgo is the end result of hundreds of ergonomic A/B testing experiments.


Keyboards recessed into the desktop

The question of keyboards recessed into the desktop raised by LipsLikeCrispyBacon, and some immediate warnings.


Jesmonite. Playing around with some new materials - by xWaSx.