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Zaphod in the acrylic plate case

Zaphod by petejohanson in the acrylic plate case.
Published July 25, 2021
Creators! Feel free to tip me off about your keyboard related projects to bring them to 100K readers.

I've been using some clear NuPhy caps to show off the purpz. Sadly, they're not available for purchase.

The purple PCBs from Elecrow beg to be shown off too.

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Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).



The Touchboard is an all-in-one human input device concept by the German Butterfly Company.

Flexible transparent PCB

PCBWay now offers flexible transparent PCBs, based on PET.


This is Ahokore by _dezli, which makes use of a nice!nano and ZMK for Bluetooth functionality.

Google's mechanical keyboard cup

An open-source mechanical keyboard cup by Google.

Paper keycap

A paper keycap prototype, the first step to a fully paper keyboard, by PykeTheTitan.


This strange abomination is Spaxial, a peculiar angled unibody keyboard by u/keycashcow. I like it a lot.