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Zeal Clickiez

Zeal's new clicky switch features a secondary spring leaf which can turn the switch into a tactile or linear.
Published December 26, 2021
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Our long awaited premium clicky switch is finally here! After years of development and countless rounds of prototyping, samples, and delays, what better gift is there than to release the Clickiez on Christmas day? (source)

I don't usually feature group buys or preorders but this switch is somewhat special:

Clickiez are the world's first 3-in-1 MX switch that can transform into three different MX style switches via a non permanent mod to the leaf.

Featuring a patent pending multi mode click leaf design, this switch can be transformed from clicky to tactile and linear switch modes by simply moving the secondary switch leaf within the housing.

This mod requires opening the switch housing and we have to wait a few days for a demonstration video.

Until then, here is a short sound test:

And the price? Well, they are expensive…

Clickiez [Pre-order] product page.

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Published on Sun 26th Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #58 (source).

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