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Zephirum - an ergo monoblock

An ergo monoblock angled keyboard with some unique features by cdc_mkb.

Published on September 10, 2021 by

Despite having a look similar to many other ergo monoblock angled keyboards the Zephirum has a couple of unique features:

  • It has been designed with LibrePCB. The author thinks this EDA tool deserves more love so he published the project & library files.
  • Its MCU board is a Nucleo STM32WB55CG USB dongle (MB1293); it is surface mounted on the top to showcase it. ;)

Regarding the other features, they are more classic: Kailh Choc switches with MBK keycaps (L=17.5mm × H=16.5mm); powered by ZMK; only USB HID is supported so far; featuring an I²C 128x32 OLED screen (SSD1306).

I've never published my builds before, but it turns out I'm now motivated by the excellent dovenyi's Keyboard Builders' Digests ^_^' – cdc_mkb.

Oh, man, it's quite heartwarming to hear that. Thanks.

Published on Fri 10th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #43 (source).


An Atreus with trackpoint

This Atreus modified by jfl209 features a trackpoint, layer indicator LEDs and Commodore caps.

Open body enigma36

A new enigma36 by sadekbaroudi, this time an open body version.



Enigma36 handwired with underglow and trackpoint sadekbaroudi.


chocV - 36-key low-pro board

The chocV by brickbots is the 36-key low profile love child of the Horizon and BabyV keyboards.


Wireless solar board

A wireless keyboard that never has to be plugged in.]] Committed by SouthPawEngineer.