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Zilpzalp is a 28-key monoblock split by apfel, designed via Ergogen and featuring a XIAO controller.
Published May 1, 2023
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Browsing the galleries of the 2nd Leipzig Meetup, I came across apfel's (aka kilipan) Zilpzalp:

A wonky 28-key, column-staggered, unibody-split keyboard made with fantastic FOSS software: ergogen and KiCad – kilipan.

Zilpzalp was inspired by Peter Elliot's Hummingbird keyboard, with a few changes for its author's personal convenience: thumb keys are "much more reachy" and splayed, and the pinky only has one key left with a significantly increased stagger.

There are four variants available:

  • default Choc spacing, solder only
  • Choc spacing with hotswap support (extra space required by the socket)
  • Minimal Choc, solder only – "with the tightest spacing that choc V1 switches allow" – no commercially available caps for this version, the author recommends Pseudoku's Philadelphia Minimalist.
  • CFX version (also known as "cfxilpcfxalp"), which is almost 1.5 cm smaller horizontally.


  • 28 keys, low-pro choc switches
  • Choc and CFX spacings
  • Seeed XIAO controller
  • optionally hotswappable


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Published on Mon 1st May 2023. Featured in KBD #121.



A 3D-printed handwired monoblock split by 70rch: torch0.


The UT22 is a gorgeous 22-key unibody split for the Artsey/Taipo input systems – created by Bubbleology_3DP.

Emblem aka BTA

Tenstaana came up with Emblem aka BTA, another feature-rich monoblock design.


Leo Lou's Zerosprey42 is an open-source 40% travel keyboard – remix of the Ospray.


The Dormouse is a 3D printed, handwired 40% by dapperrogue (gallery & git).

Gleb's handwired one

Gleb Sabirzyanov posted his colorful unnamed unibody keyboard.