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Zireael is a low-pro wireless split, shared by Mposible – based on the Dao.
Published December 5, 2023
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Published by Mposible, Zireael is an ergonomic wireless split keyboard with Kailh Choc switches and MINEW MS88SF2 BLE modules.

The keyboard, teased back in September, is based on the Dao Chok BLE. The locations of components on the board have been changed, space for the battery has been added, and the thumb cluster has also been changed.

Beside the Dao, inspiration for the keyboard was taken from Darryl's Corne-ish Zen and foostan's Cornelius.


  • 42 keys (6x3+3)
  • hotswap Choc, Choc spacing (18mm x 17mm)
  • top mount
  • MINEW MS88SF2 BLE modules
  • ZMK firmware



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Published on Tue 5th Dec 2023. Featured in KBD #146 (source).



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