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aball: a buttonless trackball

The aball is a well documented buttonless trackball by brickbots.
Published January 24, 2021
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Well, this project was published last September but was mentioned in another keyboard/trackball project this week.

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Published on Sun 24th Jan 2021. Featured in KBD #10 (source).



Barghoot is an ortho board with integrated trackball – released by AlSaMoMo.

Kinesis Advantage trackball mod

A trackball hack for Kinesis Advantage2 with build log by rhinestoneBones.

Starship Bubu & OmegaSupreme

Protieusz shared a standalone trackball along with an open-source trackball module: Starship Bubu-01 and OmegaSupreme.

Trackswitch Manuform

Rishikesh Vaishnav's Trackswitch Manuform introduces a mouse-level shift mechanism.

Grabbity Gloves

Introducing the Grabbity Gloves by loopsbellart.

AWKB - A Weird Keyboard

AWKB by wj-zhe is a 36-key split keyboard with trackball, driven by a Xiao RP2040.