Keyboard Builders' Digest
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Dear partners & supporters, (aka Keyboard Builders' Digest) is an e-magazine and weekly newsletter on custom mechanical keyboards.

An independent community project with a dynamically growing, committed subscriber base.

The ezine has a rather unique approach and mission: we help and incite readers to design and build their own keyboards.

Having been around for 27 months, has published 117 issues featuring 1700+ projects, tips and inspirational ideas.

Our portfolio, consisting of more than 3.000 pages, attracted 77,000 unique visitors last month.

Visitor stats (September, 2022)

From its launch in winter of 2020, reach of the webzine shows a steady, dynamic, double-digit monthly growth:

It seems the initial period of steady double-digit growth is over and stats have been plateauing recently:

According to Cloudflare, 77,000 unique users visited us last month, generating 2,660,000 requests:

(The peaks are usually Fridays - the day our weekly newsletter is sent out.)

According to Google Analytics, 21,000 unique users generated 73,000 tracked pageviews during 31,000 sessions.

The difference between Cloudflare and Analytics data indicates that 73% of the visitors use adblockers, preventing Google Analytics from reporting them but not affecting Cloudflare's DNS based statistics. (This calculation has to be fixed: the gap is even more extreme.)

(This is another reason against conventional ads and for our unobtrusive approach.)

Newsletter performance

The weekly newsletters are sent to more than 2,500 subscribers, with open and clickthrough rates way above industry averages.

Open rate

The average open rate of our campaigns is 59.4% compared to our peers' average performance of only 29.8%.

Click rate

Click rate is 25.2% on average compared to our peers' average of only 5%!

The point is: people actually read these posts and navigate to the featured content.

User base (December, 2021)

Last month, our visitors came from 127 countries of the world (GA data). We have newsletter subscribers from at least 73 countries (this field is not mandatory and is often omitted).

"Over 65% Male, from 25 and up" -- according to MailChimp.

Top sources of visits:

  • North-America: 45.7% (USA: 40.2%)
  • Europe: 29.5%
  • Asia: 18.0%
  • Oceania: 3.4%
  • Latin-America: 2.7%
  • Africa: 0.3%

By country:

  • USA (40.2%)
  • UK (5.9%)
  • Canada (5.5%)
  • Germany (4.7%)
  • Japan (3.5%)
  • Australia (2.9%)
  • Spain (1.8%)
  • Netherlands (1.8%)
  • Singapore (1.8%), etc.

Support & Marketing opportunities is ad-free so its survival depends on donations.

Feel free to discuss potential areas of cooperation (donation, branded giveaway, etc.).

While we want to keep free from obtrusive ads, we can offer various opportunities to strengthen your online presence among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts:

Donors are listed with optional text link:

  • on top of issue frontpages,
  • in the sidebar of pages,
  • in the weekly newsletter,
  • on a dedicated Hall of Fame page,
  • and they are mentioned in weekly editorial / behind the scene posts.

But we are open to any collaboration.

Thanks for reading this far! :)

In case you have questions, feel free to contact me per email (info at or on Reddit, Keebtalk, GeekHack, Deskthority, etc. (dovenyi).

Best regards,
Tamás Dövényi-Nagy
editor & curator
info at

Timeline & Milestones

The Keyboard Builders' Digest started as a Covid-project, a simple list of bookmarks. Below are some milestones of the journey.

2020-11-20first (text only) post/issue on Reddit ("quick links") ;)
2020-12-23Keyboard lexicon announced
2021-01-04first online issue with photos (Issue #7) (originally at
2021-01-18newsletter announced (MailChimp)
2021-01-25first newsletter (Issue #10) sent to 21 subscribers :)
2021-03-06keyboard sound database announced
2021-04-07first supporter (@kaleid1990) on buymeacoffee
2021-04-12start of the exclusive Behind the Scenes series
2021-05-10dedicated domain, CDN, migration from to
2021-05-17first vendor donor (
2021-07-261000 newsletter subscribers reached
2021-08-16@KbdNews Twitter account announced
2021-09-10keyboard vendor database announced
2021-10-28keyboard store map announced
2021-11-201 year anniversary & giveaway
2021-12-18Abandoning BMC, supporting directly through PayPal:
2022-01-05Time travel
2022-01-01The first KBD.NEWS Advent Calendar
2023-03-14Newsletter moved to Buttondown (from MailChimp)