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artsey and is the community version of the artsey layout – one hand, 8 keys, 100% power.
Published November 2, 2022
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According to the original poster on r/mk (whose account has been deleted in the meantime btw), is the community fork of the famous layout (after the creator went offline).

It expands on the former board by making the layout more efficient, while also making it possible to access (almost) every key on a 100% board, and more – deleted user.

Using only 8 keys, you can access:

  • Every key on a 100% and more
  • Symbols
  • Mouse control
  • Bluetooth control
  • Numbers
  • and a custom layer

Ardux is a keyboard layout designed to be used either one handed with as few as 8 keys, or as many as 36 keys – even two handed. The layout is set up to be a consistent way to type one handed that scales up or down based on need of the typist, environment etc.

ardux aims to facilitate one handed typing (mobile needs, physical needs, etc) while also helping users to be efficient (>50wpm is possible one handed) as typists, even if they only use one hand for typing. The layout can be ultra-mobile (only 8 keys) or 'desk sized' (16-18 keys) or a full one or two handed layout (32-36 keys).

Beside the 50 wpm mentioned on their website, the poster claimed typing speeds of about 40 wpm can be achieved – however, I can't confirm these numbers.

Pic: This is the original artsey cheat sheet

This is the original artsey cheat sheet

Commenters point out that keeping the "Y" key on the base layer is maybe not a good idea. On it was chosen to make a catchy name and take an available domain, not for ergonomics.


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Published on Wed 2nd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).

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