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A CFX-spaced low-pro ortholinear keyboard by sporewoh: bancouver40.
Published March 28, 2023
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It seems I missed Christian Lo's bancouver40 at the time of its release in December last year. It's a low-profile CFX-spaced ortho keyboard with CNC case.

This is my newest low profile choc keyboard, the bancouver40! It’s one of my smallest boards to date, as it both has an onboard microcontroller as well as tight 17mm x 17mm spacing – sporewoh.

Chris published a macropad companion in the same style: kowgary16.


  • 4x10 ortholinear layout
  • low profile + CFX spacing (17x17mm)
  • onboard MCU


While the bancouver40 is open-source, Chris has announced it as a kit and his first group by in partnership with Chosfox:

In order to make ortholinear boards like these as accessible and attractive as possible, Chosfox has set the pricing of the kit to be $93 USD with an included carrying case! A great value considering boards with similar features – Chris.

In fact, it's also available without the portable bag on, and the KBDNEWS coupon code seems to work as well, so it's available for less than $81 right now.


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Published on Tue 28th Mar 2023. Featured in KBD #118 (source).



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