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btrfld v2

Evalyn Emmerich released the next iteration of her folding btrfld – now with PCBs.
Published February 23, 2023

Evalyn Emmerich aka SolidHal shared the files of her Btrfld v2 (pronounced "butter-fold"). The originally handwired keyboard comes with a set of PCBs now.

Now with PCBs! No more awful hours of handwiring! – SolidusHal.

Featured in KBD#76, the Btrfld (v1) was the "foldable, portable sibling of the btrfly" – another handwired monoblock keyboard by the same author.

Despite the new PCBs, Evalyn still doesn't recommend the btrfld for a first build, especially because of the folding mechanism:

Getting the steel rods cut, ensuring the ribbon cables are the right length, and soldering the flipped smd diodes are some unique challenges that assembling something like a corne or dactyl variant doesn't have.


  • 5 key dactyl-manuform-mini thumb cluster
  • flat, tented qwerty keys
  • 6 extra mappable keys
  • bluetooth (optional)
  • folds flat for portability


Published on Thu 23rd Feb 2023. Featured in KBD #114 (source).

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