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Telzo2000's cool640, this ortho macropad/split supports controllers with both Pro Micro and Pico footprint.
Published May 7, 2022

The cool640 by telzo2000 is a 20-key, 4x5 macropad, but by combining two, you get a 40% split keyboard.

It's hotswap, supports Choc and MX switches, and the PCB can accommodate development boards with both Pro Micro or Raspberry Pi Pico footprint.

The size of the PCB is within 100mmX100mm.

GitHub repo:


Published on Sat 7th May 2022. Featured in KBD #77 (source).

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Framework rev. 1 prototype

The Framework rev. 1 prototype is an all-THM ortho with Atmega328P (repo) by 7c8.

X-2: a Lumberjack-style ortho

A Lumberjack-inspired ARM-powered 5x12 ortho by Richard Goulter, compatible with the GH-60 case.


The ScottoLong is the newest handwired keyboard by Joe_Scotto, this time an ortho with 7u spacebar.


The Crepe is a 40-key ultrathin ortholinear keyboard with Kailh X Switches – shared by quirk.

Solortho: a solar wireless

SouthPawEngineer made a solar powered Bluetooth keyboard, the Solortho.


ILWrites' gigantic ortholinear FU!Keyboard is now open-source.