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I just rediscovered the eek! by Klackygears, this unibody split with brutal 90 degree angle.
Published January 12, 2024
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Weekly retrospective post: the eek! by Klackygears was released in 2020, and as I see, publishing the PCB source followed in 2022. That said, I rediscovered it just now despite commenting in the original thread, after seeing the Archaeoptereeks and their easily recognizable common identification marks.

Designed by James Smith, the eek! is a 36 key per key RGB keyboard with a 90 degree split layout suited for travel and typing close to the body. It uses a Pro Micro, an Elite C, or a nice! nano and can be soldered low profile using castellated pads.

The PCB can be flipped so that the silk is on top and the USB plugin can face to the right or left – James.

What's more, the keyboard is compatible with MX, Alps, and Choc style switches. It can use SMD or through hole diodes. The per key RGB LEDs used in the build are the SK6812 Mini E (these can also be flipped for either side of the board).

Pic: eek! PCB

eek! PCB


  • 36 keys
  • MX, Alps or Choc, soldered
  • brutal 90 degree angle
  • reversible PCB
  • Pro Micro footprint
  • per key LEDs (SK6812 Mini E)


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Published on Fri 12th Jan 2024. Featured in KBD #150.


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