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Enigma36 handwired with underglow and trackpoint sadekbaroudi.

The amoebas are secured in that they are connected to the switches, and the switches are secured to the case.

The gerbers were grabbed from the git repository and sent to a PCB manufacturer.


Amoebas used:

Thumb joystick:

Published on Thu 20th May 2021. Featured in KBD #27 (source).



The cocot46 is a homebrew keyboard with an integrated trackball and rotary encoder.


An Atreus with trackpoint

This Atreus modified by jfl209 features a trackpoint, layer indicator LEDs and Commodore caps.

Adelheid build

The Adelheid by floookay is an Arisu-fork with function keys (repo). Built by Ok_Promotion_6175.

Unnamed monoblock

Unnamed monoblock split keyboard by UmmUhhhShit.


Sesame by kb-elmo

A Sesame designed by _vastrox_/elmo and built by kmrnewworkplace.