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Enigma36 - A handwired unibody keyboard with underglow and trackpoint by sadekbaroudi.
Published May 20, 2021
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The amoebas are secured in that they are connected to the switches, and the switches are secured to the case.

The gerbers were grabbed from the git repository and sent to a PCB manufacturer.


Amoebas used:

Thumb joystick:

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Published on Thu 20th May 2021. Featured in KBD #27 (source).


Atreyu V2

New year, new Atreyu. Rev2 with choc spacing by jcliment.


ADreamOfStorms made uninarf, a wireless unibody keyboard.

Go for launch

Go for launch by SouthPawEngineer.


Flying fox aka Pteropus – a unibody split keyboard open-sourced by hulapig.


ErgoChoco is a well-documented open-source pseudosplit build by Choco617.


The Azimuth is my handwired hotswap pseudosplit design with a handful of rotary encoders.