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The unique ergoLogic keyboard with adjustable tenting angle – posted by u/datnarwhal4.
Published August 19, 2022
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I'm pretty sure I've already wrote about this model but can't find the post anywhere.

Regardless, here is ergoLogic by Key Tronic, this uniquely split monoblock keyboard with adjustable tenting – posted on r/mk by datnarwhal4.

Saved it from being recycled at an old IT job of mine – datnarwhal4.

I've added this model to my list of vintage keyboards I'll never own... :D

According to the poster, the mechanism is quite clever and typing feels surprisingly OK:

You can turn the knob on the left side to either raise it all the way up or put it all the way down, where it can lock into place like a normal keyboard.[…] Oddly enough it does feel pretty good to use. You can tweak the angle of the tenting and move the wrist saddles around to get a good natural resting position.
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Published on Fri 19th Aug 2022. Featured in KBD #91 (source).


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