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Giveaway - Celebrating The First Anniversary Of Starting

November 20, 2021

It's been about one year since I started this project: turns one on 20th of November! To celebrate this anniversary, there will be a giveaway held to thank you, the reader, for.. well.. reading I guess. :D Details below.


You've ever noticed how cool vendors we have in this community?

Let me introduce the 12 sponsors of this giveaway, offering 26 prizes:


For Sponsors

Sponsors offering prizes for subscribers and Twitter followers will be promoted with the shop's name and website during November.

For early joiners this means mentions in 4 KBD issues, 4 newsletters, 4 editorial write-ups and in posts on r/mk, Twitter, and maybe on KeebTalk, GH, DT.

Also, about 30-40.000 unique visitors will see this on

Please, email your offer to the address: info at with the item(s) offered and the region you would like to send it.

I will connect you with a winner in your region per email. No need to ship anything to me.

Thanks in advance.

Giveaway Background turns one on November 20!

The first "issue" was a simple, humble text post on Reddit (here, in a test-sub), a simple list of links, without any bells and whistles.

Today, after 50+ issues published and 1000+ projects featured, the website is checked by 40,000 unique users in a month and the weekly newsletter is sent to 1,500 subscribers.

To celebrate these achievements of the past year, I reached out to some vendors (the vendor database and map came in handy) and many were kind enought to offer various prizes for my readers and subscribers.

So thank you for reading, subscribing and following — check the prizes below, apply through the form, send some love to the sponsors, and good luck with the raffle!


Sponsor / PrizeRegionWinner
70 switches, lube station
US+CARoshanMRegy, @Spenny_Loaf
$100 USD in store credit in the Adafruit store
20% discount coupon
Dream Cables
2 x custom cable & 2 x mouse paracord cable!
(2 x USB cable of the winners choosing, with any connectors/colors/cost; 2 x mouse paracord or mouse USB paracord)
US/global@sadekbaroudi, @JasenKavel, JamesSquidKid, Shiolei
4 x KBM68 kit
US/UK@Alex17951775, @Rossmallow, @NuelKoh @jacobbsearle, @anchoviedraws
Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur
3 x coiled cable
(Baseline cable in white, grey or black)
EUTo1ne, @andrei_ix, cchpod
£20 coupon
(applies to products, customer needs to pay for shipping)
5 x 2 stickers
globalb51029796, iTzHardX, alliha, Noonien, @Stradichenko
1x choice of lubricant
100 Gateron Pro Yellow switches
110 of any Outemu switches from the store including a free accessory or mod (such as a switch puller or JSpacers)
Unicorn Cables
3 x cable
(Pastel Rainbow coiled detachable cable, GMK Botanical themed straight detachable cable, GMK Tuzi themed coiled detachable cable)
EUkaleid1990, @davidkincses_, @_Fran_Des

* Pending means I'm still waiting for feedback from the sponsor or winner (unresponsive winners may be replaced by runner-ups).

Participation Rules

To take part in the raffle,

Applicants will need to provide their name/nick, Twitter username and country.

Winners will need to provide their real name, email and shipping address.

I will delete all the personal info once the giveaway is closed.

Raffle Method

I will list all the names in random order by executing "SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY RAND()" (pseudocode) - say - 5 times. The 5th run will produce the final list.

To minimize shipping fees, customs and taxes, prizes will be paired with winners based on the country/region of followers and sponsors.

I.e. Kebbstuff's prizes will go to the first three applicants from the EU,'s prize will go to the first user from India, etc.

Announcing & Contacting the Winners

Although the anniversary is on Nov 20, I will do the raffle earlier (maybe on Nov 19, Friday) and winners will be contacted directly per DM (Twitter) or email (if provided).

Winners failing to respond in 24 hours will be replaced by runner-ups (I will try to consider your time zone though).

I will connect the winner and the sponsor per email so you can work out the details and exchange shipping info.

For transparency, winners will be publicly announced next Monday (Nov 22) on this page and maybe in the usual weekly newsletter and posts.


I personally don't own the prizes, they won't be at my disposal, nor will I ship anything. I only organize the event, manage the raffle and broker the info between winners and sponsors.

I have to work out some details yet, rules may change so I will keep updating this page.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Tamas Dovenyi info at


  • 2021-10-29 // call for sponsorship (vendors emailed)
  • 2021-11-01 // giveaway mentioned in KBD #50 newsletter
  • 2021-11-02 // giveaway page published with first 7 sponsors
  • 2021-11-20 // raffle
  • 2021-11-20/21 // contacting winners and clearing things up with sponsors