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Issue 116 / Week 11 / 2023

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard enthusiast's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 19 entries in this issue:


  • Newsletters merged, new shops & meetups, small developments, etc.
  • The split Bloq 36 by Kunsteak features thumb clusters on a lower plane. (source)
  • u/jammerkiai's KaRP2040 is an RP2040-Zero based unibody split keyboard. (source)
  • Smudge is a custom 3D-printed keyboard design by Sandalmoth – handwired with curved keywell. (source)
  • Sporewoh's babbit36 is an ultraportable wireless ortholinear keyboard. (source)
  • Evgenii Vilkov's Smol is a split prototype with a cool sandwich case. (source)
  • Felix Kuehling's Mantis v0.2, sporting HEX keycaps, has now PCBs on two levels to imitate tenting. (source)
  • An open-source 65% keyboard with integrated trackball: dynamis by bbrfkr. (source)
  • A Choc-spaced Corne with XIAO controllers: Abomination v1.2 by OrangeCrusader. (source)
  • Klesh Wong's PSKeeb2 is a portable split keyboard with tenting, rotary encoder and trackpoint. (source)
  • A tiny Choc-spaced macropad with encoder – Narfpad by ADreamOfStorms. (source)
  • GrO3veman designed an arcade fight pad dubbed Stress. (source)
ToolsTips & Tricks
  • URSA is a new keycap profile designed for Topre keyboards – a collab between 23 Andreas} and {FKcaps. (source)
  • Two uniform keycap profiles with a retro square base: Doys by Deadline.Studio and BLOCKs by HIBI.
  • A typing rhythm game by charitea12: Typing Tempo. (source)
  • An about 10 cm wide 40% keyboard by juskim: tinyKeys with Gerbers.
  • Designed by ItsBluu, the Aloidia v1 is a wireless solar split keyboard with lots of hotswap components. (source)
  • CHOMPI is a cute looper with mechanical keys – as inspiration. (source)
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