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Issue 14 / Week 7 / 2021

This is my usual hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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Left-handed Minidox with case STL

A handwired Minidox for gaming by useallthewasabi. With pics and destiniboy3's case.

UPDATE 2021-04-18:

New build log at:

A Preonic clone with custom PCB

A 3D printed backlit Preonic clone by squeezeonein with open source PCB.

LEGO supported PCB-mount board

A PCB-mount board with LEGO as frame and support by alinelena. (Open source PCB.)

trochee - a 8x8 keyboard

The trochee is a 8x8 keyboard designed by porkostomus for one-handed use (git).

Inkkeys: an e-ink macropad

The inkkeys is a dynamically assignable macropad project with e-ink screen by DiConX (video, docs, git).

64-key split

This 64-key split by SKZBadHabit features a pointing stick/trackball (gallery).

3D-printed gasket-mount case

A 3D-printed gasket-mount case for the YC66 by RogerArbogast (STLs).

Trackball companion for split keyboards

Ploopy: a ball-only trackball companion for split keyboards by crop_octagon (docs).

Dactylria: a Dactyl ManuForm fork

Dactylria - a Dactyl ManuForm fork with thumbs inspired by Kyria and Keyboardio Model 01 by jchendy with source (git).

Grandiceps with black pill

The Grandiceps is a black pill based split by vattern78 (git).


Shark's New Model M review

A review of the new Model M by SharktasticA (article, typing demo).

Tips & Tricks

Unicode in QMK

Dealing with Unicode in QMK revealed by mikefettis.

QMK's sound features

Help with QMK startup sounds by psychephylax.

Luna - a QMK keyboard pet

Luna is a QMK keyboard pet by HellSingCoder reacting to your typing speed and same layer states (video, git).

Tripod-tented Torn

This nice through-hole split Torn build by bromanko (git) features mini tripods for tenting (gallery).

DIY silicone dampening

Silicone dampening pad by dailysetuptech (video).

Elite-C holder PCB

Elite-C holder PCB for Dactyl-like cases with audio jack, M4 screw holes, reset button, RGB output by Fmcraft (git).


Various sound tests

This is a list of 8 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.


As a bonus, and I should have started with this as it is the most intuitive, a modded magnetic switch based on the AT&T design compared to a box navy and jade.


Paco switch


NK65 With Dragon Fruit switches

67g Zealios on NK65

NK Blueberries on Polaris75

TOFU65 with lubed Holy Pandas

Different sound dampenings


IBM 3276 Beam Spring

A restored and modded IBM 3276 Beam Spring keyboard with USB and a wooden palm rest by madhias (gallery, sound).

Commodore G80-0530

Commodore G80-0530 posted by Str0hkopf (some close-ups).

IBM 3178 C1 mod

An IBM 3178 C1 USB Chungus edition ft. Solenoid by drake9800.

Heath Computer Systems

Heath keyboard. A thrift store find by mman426.

Cherry G80-1800

Cherry G80-1800 by countkrzysztof.

Keyboard Spotting

Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition

Clueboard 2x1800 Toy edition with Buger TH01 posted by Gracelberrypie.


Memphis 25

The Memphis 25 is a macropad by nickkallen with integrated SpaceMouse and USB hub (GH thread).

In progress

Concertina MX first draft print

Concertina MX first draft print by BHRobots. Based on VIktor Eikman's Concertina, adapted to fit MX switches.

112% handwired ortho

A 112% handwired ortho in progress. The 6x20 BOP (Big Ortho Project) by bread-mayo-ham-bacon.

Magnetic switch

Another magnetic switch design, this time by UFIOES. Based on the AT&T switch.

Custom board on glossed wenge

A custom board on some glossed wenge wood by priceT00High.

That was Issue #14. Thanks for stopping by.

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