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Issue 15 / Week 8 / 2021

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The IIICC is a three piece split by kbjunky (git, easyeda).

Ploopy Nano design files released

The design files of the Ploopy Nano Trackball by crop_octagon are officially released (git).

TBK Mini - a 3x6+3 Dactyl

Fmcraft's TBK Mini (a 3x6+3 Dactyl) with lots of info, git repo and a related video with designing tips.

Custom PCB workflow

A custom PCB by bigbrobewatching (pics). What's more interesting though, is the workflow: KLE, KLE PCB generator I wasn't aware of & the firmware builder by Ruiqi Mao.

PicOrtho powered by Python

PicOrtho: a Python powered ortholinear keyboard by SouthPawEngineer with Choc browns and MBK caps.

Dumbpad build

A low budget build by cucumbermemes: impchipwood's dumbpad (git).

XP64 MIDI mechanical keyboard

The XP64 is a mechanical MIDI keyboard by xpercipio (video, project page).


NathanAlphaMan Interview

In episode 10 of The Thocc podcast NathanAlphaMan answered Vogsphere's questions.

Deskthority for sale

10 years after starting the project, webwit decided to put Deskthority up for sale (source and details).

According to the announcement, Deskthority was founded in January 2011, but the last couple of years owner webwit found himself no longer putting in the desired effort he'd expect.

So he and administrator matt3o are looking for a good new owner, but are not desperate to sell to less respected parties.

If no good new owner is found or if no reasonably price close to market value is offered, probably nothing will happen.

The new owner is expected to be a good custodian of the forum and the open source wiki. There's a lot of content in both which has been provided for enthusiasts by volunteers, and webwit expects the new owner to understand this geek culture.

In case you're interested PM webwit and matt3o with your questions or offers!


KLE PCB Generator

The KLE PCB Generator by jeroen94704 is a Python tool generating a KiCAD schematic and PCB layout with the KLE RAW json as an input.


Everglide V3 'Water King' switch review

Everglide V3 'Water King' switch review by ThereminGoat (article).

Tips & Tricks

Dactyl design in Fusion 360

Fmcraft's tips to design a Dactyl in Fusion 360 (video).

Weirdo keebs for shared PCs

A guide to setup weird keyboards for shared PCs by SEXUALLYCOMPLIANT.

Machining a custom brass weight

A video of machining a custom brass weight for the Tokyo60 keyboard by HadiPotter.

Switch films with Cricut

Switch films made from 0.2mm stencil vinyl by hhsandi using Cricut.


Sound test compilation #2

This is a list of 23 sound tests published this week in a single megapack.

(Cover photo by CookieCurls.)


    GK61X lego typing demonstration Drop ALT + Cherry MX Blue clicky switches - typing sounds Gateron Silent Red on OLKB Preonic Gazzew Bobagum on OLKB Preonic 1987 IBM Model M Space Saving Keyboard (SSK) - Typing Demo OwlLab Voice65 E-White with Alpaca switches (sound test) Typing Demo - 2021 Unicomp Mini Model M (Prototype) Drop ALT + Durock T1 - typing sounds Boardsoruce Mark 65 with POM Durocks Cooler Master MK730 unboxing and typing Logitech K845 unboxing & sound test TOFU65 with Gazzew Boba U4T switches Novelkeys NK65 Typing Sounds TOFU65 with Gateron Black Ink V2 - Typing Test KBD67 Lite with Stock C³ Tangerine V2s Obliterated75 with lubed Mauve Linear Switches Typing Test JWK Moss Linear Switch Sound Test Stock Lubed & filmed JWK Moss linear sound test Stock Feker Fake Holy Panda Sound Test Lubed Feker Fake Holy Panda Sound Test GK61XS Fast Typing Sounds ASMR KBD67 with lubed Durock POM switches Linworks PC Dolinger RE + Kiwi Typing Test ASMR



Thanks again to all the contributors, namely: Scheißewagen, 3igBra1n, ChrispyCrispy, GeekLevelAsian, JunKeebs, Lopsided-Bread-1527, SharktasticA, Txrnxr, clacklabs, cookiecurls, davecheng, ghim7, hahayupreddit, jarofmy, jkrkvld, kornographik, potatwo;VL Media, tianlamian and wanderingwatch.


Keypatch by Genest Technologies

The Keypatch AT is an IBM Model F addon from the '80s by Genes Technologies. Presented by LGR (video).

Keyboard Spotting

WAM Cherry G80-0485

WAM Cherry G80-0485 posted by Str0hkopf (pics).


Solortho: a solar wireless

SouthPawEngineer made a solar powered Bluetooth keyboard, the Solortho.


The SilverBullet44 is a split keyboard with tented aluminum case by swan_match (details, review).

Bobbysuit's strange boy

This unnamed split by Bobbysuit features a HDMI cable between the halves, thus comes with one single controller.

Giant macropad

A wooden macropad for NovelKeys Big Switches with pen tray. Committed by AuthenticDanger.

Macropad with arcade buttons

This macropad by FatherPaulStone features arcade buttons in a wooden box (pics).


The Nyx is tadfisher's first PCB project. Waiting for a git repo.

AI-generated keyset designs

AI-generated keysets. OpenAI’s GPT-3 API beta assisted by snagy.

That was Issue #15. Thanks for stopping by.

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