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Issue 16 / Week 9 / 2021

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community. Editor's note & behind the scenes.

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Building the naked keyboard

A picture-heavy build guide to the naked keyboard by onebigdoor. No plate, no case, no PCB - no problem.

Lil chonky bois

Third iteration of the lil chonky bois by Sndr666 with case files (git).


The UnSplit is a monoblock Kyria layout with modified thumb clusters. Built by dnlnrdn, designed by crunchyavocados (git).

Next Dactyl / trackball iteration

The next Dactyl / trackball iteration by crufia features integrated wrist rests (background).

Pico-based macro pad guide

A detailed guide by japunto to make a Pico-based keyboard/macro pad (guide).

TI-84 KE desktop calculator

The TI-84 KE by KiserRolls is housing a TI-84+CE calculator (project).

BOP 112% handwired ortho

The BOP is a 112% handwired ortho with some build pics by bread-mayo-ham-bacon.

Amigo Punk

The Amigo Punk is a handwired ALPS project with OLED display and encoder by Tuka-Chinchilla (photolog).


New podcast (in German)

Give some love to Click! Clack! Hack!, a new podcast (in German) by nerdbude (episodes).

Tips & Tricks

3D-printed PCB

A printed circuit board. Literally. PCB 3D-printed by duzitbetter (reddit, hackaday).

Filco "patch caps"?

A relatively new keycap profile/system I wasn't aware of. Spotted in a Filco teaser posted by ffbe_noctis.

Filco's "new gen patch keycap" comprises of two parts: the base one and a replaceable top part with the legends – with the latter being double-shot as I can see.

Single-column flexible PCB

Single-column PCB for Dactyl-like keyboards by Fmcraft. Per-key RGB, hotswap, ribbon connectors. Open-source but UNTESTED!

Adjustable tenting

A work in progress Corne with custom adjustable tenting. Links and details in the comments. Committed by ___Paladin___.

A case for small printers

A 60% keyboard case by WolfBlut you can print on a standard home printer (STL).

3D printable stabilizers

3D printable stabilizers by NekoMadeOfWaifus (STL).

Crow's soldering guide

Soldering guide and tips for soldering mechanical keyboards by crowsnutnest.


Keyboard Sound Database

The Keyboard Sound Database by dovenyi is a searchable collection of typing tests with metadata and comparison function (background).

Sound test compilation #3

This is another megapack of 15 sound tests published this week.

(Cover photo by dokidokeys.)

You can find and compare these and much more typing tests in the Keyboard Sound Database.


    TGR x Singa Unikorn w/ Gateron Milky Blacks Classy TKL - 8008 Inks Ethereal Panda on KBD67 Think6.5 V2, Milko-K, GeekArk BoW Keycaps Nk65 Milkshake Edition Stock Nk65 Milkshake Edition Lubed RAMA Thermal Milk / Gateron Black Ink V2 / GMK Bleached KBD67v2 Mii w/ Lubed and Filmed Gateron Yellows Sound Test YMDK Melody96 w/ Lubed 62g Ergo Clear (Cherry Clear/Grey Tactile) Switches Typing Test IBM Model M15 Adjustable Keyboard (buckling springs) Voice65 Cinematic Showcase and Sound Test TGR x Singa Unikorn w/ Bobagums | Typing Test C3 Tangerine Switches v2 Stock Sound Test C3 Tangerine Switches v2 Lubed Sound Test Gateron Optical Red Switches Typing Test ASMR + SK71 Mechanical Keyboard



Thanks again to all the contributors, namely: :3ildcat, Chyrosran22, dokidokeys, IceKeyboards, Jacob See, Jp Quindara, Jun Keebs, Justin Hirata, Kagan, Kiyoboard, Sean Dunne and Teach Tech.


IBM Model M15 Adjustable

IBM Model M15 Adjustable keyboard review by Chyrosran22.

Keyboard Spotting

Wyse 160

Wyse 160 for spacebar-fetishists (9.25u) posted by hvontres.

Silicon Graphics 9500801

Silicon Graphics 9500801 found in the trash by Lonkweiler.

IBM Model F AT

Built like a brick. IBM Model F AT posted by StrawberryMarmalade.


Making a keyboard with handtools

A modern tool built with old tools. Making a BFO-9000 with handtools (by the5andmany).

uTyl - a handwired one

The uTyl is a handwired split by ripxorip (keymap).

Cable coil holder

Diderot effect in action: cable coil holder (wtf?!) spotted in a post by Crushader.

Keyboard with IR receiver

This time riskable put an IR receiver into his keyboard (video).

In progress

Concrete keyboard

Another concrete keyboard in the making, this time by Chrislybaer. First try failed.

That was Issue #16. Thanks for stopping by.

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