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Issue 54 / Week 47 / 2021

This is a hand-picked selection of last week's content from a keyboard builder's perspective. Posts that may teach you something, make you think and contribute to the common knowledge of the DIY builder community.

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There are 15 entries in this issue:


  • Behind the Scenes: Major split database update on the way, developments, giveaway follow-up, on the UNO Mini & Adafruit KB2040 controllers, Issue #53 follow-up, Movember. (source)
  • Sadek Baroudi's Baby Groot Keyboard is a cheap (or free!) split PCB with a lot of features. (source)
  • David Barr's Parergon has only 32 keys, so can be built without diodes. (source)
  • Axel Voitier's Lergo (ex-Kyfle) project is an ergo split exploration platform rather than a keyboard. (source)
  • ErgoChoco is a well-documented open-source pseudosplit build by Choco617. (source)
  • Tenalice Ambidextrous by Cerbekos is a new member of the Tenalice family, with a 45° numpad in the center of the board. (source)
  • The Arisutea is a set of Alice-like layouts open-sourced by mattjames03. (source)
  • The UNO is not your typical keyboard controller, but the limited mini anniversary edition is actually only 34.2mm x 26.7mm. Hmmm. (source)
  • The Keeboar] is an RP2040 based development board by Adafruit, designed with keyboard builders in mind. (source)
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  • FinnGus is a cat shaped 3D printed through-hole FR4 Alice style kit inspired by the cats (Finn and Gus) of JackPikatea. (source)
  • The Uncokeeb by bluesocarrot is a per-finger chorded keyboard concept prototype. (source)
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