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Introducing lulu - a design by boardsource_xyz based on the Lily58.

Published on July 4, 2021 by

lulu, Boardsource's newest case and PCB offering, is a 58 key split keyboard based on the popular Lily58 layout.

Shortly after opening and stocking our store the popularity of the Lily58 was apparent, and the layout's ability to convert people who only observed the hobby from afar into passionate and enthusiastic participants was remarkable.

Each half of the lulu is constructed from two main sections, the top half (with integrated plate) is made from machined aluminum offered in three distinct anodized colors: silver, charcoal, and a very fun plum.

Sitting below the aluminum on each half is injection molded frosted polycarbonate bottom pieces, and diffusing the lulu’s underglow.

The lulu case and PCB is offered separately during Group Buy, and the lulu case is 100% backwards compatible with the current Lily58 solderable PCB.

Published on Sun 4th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #33 (source).


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