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Design Museum Meetup #2

2023 March 19, 12:00-16:00

Chicago, IL, US

This is a small meetup intended for testing/fundraising purposes. It will be boards, people, and chatter. The traditional meetup.

Design Museum Meetup #2
Design Museum Meetup #2

Data sheet

Event:Design Museum Meetup #2
Date:2023 March 19, 12:00-16:00
Location:Chicago, IL, US
Venue:Design Museum of Chicago (Expo 72, E Randolph St #72, Chicago, IL 60601)
Organizer:CHIMK Party Planning Committee

Event Capacity is 50 attendees + 16 volunteers

33.3% of funds from signups are going towards the Design Museum of Chicago and 66.6% to future venue/operation costs (summer meet).

This meetup has two objectives: to test new security protocols to help protect future meetups and help raise funds to run future events.

Due to a bad apple or two at our last event, we've been forced to beef up security measures for all future meets. We won't speak to exactly what these measures are yet, but we can confirm that there will be a check-in & check-out process similar to what was instituted at the end of our last meet. Attendees and donors will receive an internal priority pass to purchase tickets to the summer meetup (where most of the fundraising will go to).

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