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SFxMK 2023 Summer Meetup

2023 July 8, 11:00-15:00 (Saturday)

San Francisco, CA, US

Bring as many keyboards as you prefer, FCFS on table space.

SFxMK 2023 Summer Meetup
SFxMK 2023 Summer Meetup

Data sheet

Event:SFxMK 2023 Summer Meetup
Date:2023 July 8, 11:00-15:00
Location:San Francisco, CA, US
Venue:Aracely Cafe, 401 13th Street #312, San Francisco, CA 94130
Organizer:Furion & WockE

  • Bring as many keyboards as you prefer, FCFS on table space
  • We are hosting a DESIGN-A-KEYCAP-SET contest at the meetup! Design your very own keycap set and present it to everyone! All participants get to vote which one is the best!
  • We're also hosting our very first SFxMK Keyboard of the Meet contest! Vote on which keyboard you think stole the show at the meetup!
  • WTS/WTT/WTB tables and LEAVE-A-PENNY/TAKE-A-PENNY tables will be set up for the community!
  • More details on the contests, giveaways, prizes and SFxMK Deskmats to be announced SOON
  • 150 tickets to be sold!
  • Discord server:

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