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The mekko5X is an ortholinear cyberdeck by sporewoh.
Published October 13, 2022

Christian Lo aka sporewoh published his latest experimental keyboard: the mekko5X

Part cyberdeck, part ortholinear. With 2 knobs and 2 large OLED displays, this keyboard can be used for animations, displaying information, or for controlling a GUI. The small form factor makes the board a unique ortholinear keyboard, or a powerful macropad. It could also double as a MIDI controller! – sporewoh.

While it's still in a pre-beta prototyping phase, the current designs are open source for anyone to make one for themselves.


GitHub page:

The project was sponsored by PCBWay – here is a discount code for you.

Published on Thu 13th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #99 (source).

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HandiPi is a handheld RPI4 based computer with 36 keys and display – designed by brickbots.

Armachat TOUCH

Not a classic keyboard, not a classic cyberdeck: Armachat TOUCH by bobricius.

Wooden cyberdeck

Combining woodworking with electronics, u/mw33212 made a walnut cyberdeck with a cheap foldable keyboard.

OGRE cyberdeck

OGRE is a doomsday or simply field cyberdeck, a knock-off of Jay Doscher's Recover Kit. Shared by rmw156.

Russian army computer

A rugged computer used by the Russian army – seized by their Ukrainian hosts.


Richard Sutherland's framedeck is his take on the slab style computers like the TRS-80 model 100 – using the Framework motherboard.