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Designed by fooker, mnhTTn is a 36-key column-staggered split keyboard using Cherry MX ULP switches.
Published June 24, 2024
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The mnhTTn is a low-profile column-staggered split keyboard using Cherry MX ULP switches. Designed by Dustin Frisch aka fooker to be as flat and lightweight as possible.


The overall height from bottom to top of the keycaps is only 7.9mm.

To archive minimal height, you can order the PCB as low as 0.6mm thick. But this requires additional attention while soldering on the swithches to prevent the board from warping caused by thermal expansion – fooker.


  • 36 keys (5x3+3 per half)
  • Cherry ULP switches
  • Seeed XIAO BLE controller
  • custom keycaps

The author designed his own keycaps for the ULP switches, manufactured using MJF in nylon. The models are available in the repo, however, as I was told, Dustin is not entirely happy with them: he wants more dish.


The totally overengineered case for the mnhttn hasn't been published yet. It has a magnetic lid which pops open when pulling the leash:



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Published on Mon 24th Jun 2024. Featured in KBD #168.



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