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Sporewoh's mongus48 is a modular Planck sized ortho keyboard.
Published November 3, 2022
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Christian Lo aka sporewoh came out with mongus48, the newest magnetic module to the beyblock20 family.

This latest module is a Planck sized keyboard with an OLED display and a rotary encoder.

I thought this was an important module to make for this system, since a fair of people hinted at wanting a full sized keyboard they could add peripherals on to, more so than making a keyboard from the peripherals they have – sporewoh.

According to the designer, the mongus48 has to be tested first, but the firmware has gotten to a point where he is happy to put the beyblock20 and knoblin3 in an alpha stage for people to try out and tinker with. You can find more about the alpha program here.

The firmware builds on top of KMK, and should have almost all of the same features that KMK has.


You can find the mongus48 files here.

Here is the beyblock20 repo.

And here are some more photos shared by Christian.

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Published on Thu 3rd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).


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