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A 3D-printed, handwired keyboard by u/aionskull: the primpkeeb.
Published October 17, 2022
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Calvin Nemo aka RobotTelevision/aionskull published some files of his primpkeeb, a 3D-printed, handwired board with a Pi Pico devboard.

The name is derived from: "Printable Modular Pico Pi Keyboard".

The design is modular, not reconfigurable. Many modular designs are also reconfigurable, but they are not the same. There are 3 different printed 'blocks' which you can arrange in a ton of ways to get a custom layout that works for you – aionskull.

Pic: Modular pieces

Modular pieces

Pick a layout, connect it together and solder up the keyboard matrix to the Pico pins.

Then bolt the whole thing to a piece of wood or polycarbonate.


More photos in the original post on r/mk.

GitHub repo:

Tinkercad source so you can easily modify the design.

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Published on Mon 17th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #100 (source).



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