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A steno keyboard, proto2, designed and shared by u/d3zd3z.
Published November 1, 2022
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Fellow redditor d3zd3z designed his split steno keyboard dubbed proto2, and in the spirit of open steno shared the design files as well.

My first build with my own PCB. Design files are on Github. I'm working on some stands to tent them for me. So far, I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out – d3zd3z.

The primary layout is steno, where the board sends the chords to Plover running on the PC, and doing the dictionary lookups. The upper left button switches it to qwerty mode.

The middle row is done by pressing the upper and lower key (so the top left purple key is 'Q', the one below that 'Z', and pressing them together is 'A'.


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Published on Tue 1st Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).


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