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Andrew Rae's rae-dux, a 36-key wire- and diodeless split keyboard, built by u/melze.
Published July 21, 2022

Andrew Rae published his rae-dux PCB in late March this year but the first photo of a build I've stumbled upon comes from melze.

36 keys altogether, 18 keys per half, so the rae-dux is not only wireless but also a diodeless/matrixless split keyboard.

As the name implies, it was inspired by tapioki's Architeuthis Dux (with an extra thumb key), and apparently also by Leo B.'s samoklava.

This project also attempted to use the samoklava workflow (Ergogen, autorouting, KiKit), however, the auto-router had troubles with the splay.

Here are the original files:

GitHub repo:

And Melze put together a build guide:

Published on Thu 21st Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #88 (source).

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