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Pete Johanson's revxlp is a variant of the Reviung41 keyboard, but low profile, and supports controllers with the XIAO footprint.
Published December 5, 2022

The revxlp is a variant of the Reviung41 – designed by Pete Johanson. Monoblock split, low profile, and using the XIAO footprint of controllers.

This project was brought to my attention by Pete himself, better said by the draft of his advent calendar post, which will mention this model in two days. ;)

The revxlp is a 41/42 key low profile (choc v1) unibody split keyboard, supporting hotswap sockets, two thumb layouts, and single color backlight per-key LEDs. It is a remix of the revlp by Cyril, who created it off the original reviung41 by gtips.

Besides being low profile, the revxlp is designed to use Seeed Studio XIAO or compatible controllers, e.g. the Adafruit Qt PY controllers.


Published on Mon 5th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #106.

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Tenalice Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous by Cerbekos is a new member of the Tenalice family, with a 45° numpad in the center of the board.


TheStuChef's 58-key low-pro ChonkV is based on the chocV but features, among other things, a number row.

3D printed Alice style

This 3D printed Alice style keyboard by ymmaz is handwired with duplex matrix.

C-13X keyboard

The C-13X is a tiny Alice-like handwired keyboard with an open-source case by u/flurpyflurples.

Wooden, handwired

A wooden, handwired keyboard project by ketcha_.

Zaphod: 34-key unibody split

The Zaphod is a 34-key, wireless, low profile unibody split by petejohanson.