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How to support KBD.NEWS

KBD.NEWS is a free "service" run by a single dude. Because it's also ad-free, it depends almost entirely on regular donations of a handful of readers and vendors.

Thank you for considering supporting this project. Here are some options both for readers and vendors/manufacturers:


You can donate via PayPal. For tax reasons, keep your donation below $350 at once. ;)

As a token of my gratitude, I put donors' names into the newsletter and they are indicated on each page (sidebar). There's a donor Hall of Fame too.

While this is not a service, I may highlight regular and more serious donors in various ways.

Upvote, like, share, retweet ;)

These cost you nothing but mean a lot by helping to spread the news. I'm on Twitter, Reddit, KeebTalk, GeekHack, Deskthority, etc.

Subscribe, follow

OK, this is a serious commitment, so careful with that. :D You can consider following me on Twitter. Or I have a lot of followers on Reddit, however, I don't know what's the benefit of following there. And there's a weekly newsletter too.

In fact, sending out the free newsletter costs me money so you better stay away from that. :D Or at least unsubscribe if you lost interest.


You can contribute by pointing out typos, suggesting upcoming keyboard meetups or missing keyboard vendors from the database. Reporting invalid coupon codes, abandoned shops, etc.

Use my affiliate links

You can support my blog by shopping at my affiliate partners.

More than 85 keyboard shops offer discounts for you, by using the coupon code (usually KBDNEWS) you can save some money.

However, some of the stores have affiliate programs as well. They are highlighted on the coupon page.

Once you purchase something by using these affiliate links or discount codes, you get your discount, and in addition I may get a small share of the money you spent too.

Donate a vintage/interesting board

As you may know, I collect vintage and/or interesting boards from all around the world. So sending me one is a way of support too.

(Please, indicate it's a gift and send it as a private person. Otherwise I have to pay VAT, customs, handling fee – about 30% of the value+shipping fee combined…)

Pic: Part of my collection in 2021

Part of my collection in 2021

I do my research, disassemble, clean and review these, and the result is usually a longer write-up where the donors can be highlighted too:

Offer affiliate partnership

Do you run a shop? Are you a manufacturer? If you have an affiliate program, I'd be glad to join it. Hit me up any time.

More than 85 keyboard shops offer discounts for my readers, and some of them have affiliate programs as well. In my experience, a combination of these two tools can be very effective.

Your shop MAY appear in the top bar of the site (80,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days). However, this is not a service.

Send me a product

You can send me a product for review or just to keep me motivated. :D

This is not really my main profile, but I do reviews regularly:

I like to focus on novelties rather than the consumer side of the hobby.

Beside my own platforms (blog, newsletter, weekly editorial) I regularly post in various keyboard communities, on Reddit, and Twitter too.

Offer prizes for a giveaway

To be honest, I try to avoid this nowadays simply because organizing a giveaway takes a lot of time and effort. And in the end, well, I'm left with nothing… :D

However, vendors/manufacturers regularly offer me prizes for sponsored giveaways.

If this is what fits your needs the best, we can figure out something.

I prefer discount codes: you offer e.g. a keyboard but don't have to send it to me. I pass on the discount code to the winner who can use it at your shop. You do the shipping.

Because my readers come from 120+ countries, this makes much more sense than sending the keyboard all around the world to me (Europe), and then there's a chance I have to send it back to your very city – in case the winner happens to live there. :D (Paying VAT, customs, and the shipping fee – twice.)

But of course I can accept physical prizes too, preferably from other EU-member states.

Other options

Do you have something else on your mind? Cool. Let's discuss it.

And feel free to contact me any time.