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Travis Mick published his tamago60, an open-source 60-key ortholinear keyboard with a joystick in the middle.
Published April 25, 2023
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Travis Mick aka le1ca/tmick0 of EggsWorks, creator of the split egg58, published a 60-key ortholinear keyboard with a joystick: the tamago60 is also open source.

We all love those laptops with the trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard, right? Influenced by that design, with an ergo twist and a healthy dose of minimalism, the tamago60 is a roughly-60% board with a joystick stuck between two semi-split ortho halves – tmick0.


  • 60-62 keys (6x4 halves – with number row – plus bottom row)
  • low-profile Choc V1 or V2 switches
  • MX spacing (19mm)
  • hotswap
  • Pro Micro compatible
  • K-Silver JP19 joystick module


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Published on Tue 25th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #121 (source).


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