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KBD Time Machine

What happened in the DIY keyboard building scene this time around 1(-2-3) years ago? This page simply lists some posts from the archive to temporarily rescue them from oblivion.

Around this time last year

Keytok two-part "OEM"

On the [x|two-part OEM keycap profile] manufactured by Keytok – with some insider info.
June 9, 2022 (more)

Custom unibody split

A custom 3D-printed [x|unibody split keyboard] by justsunone – with video tour. (more)
June 8, 2022

Cast aluminum keyboard case

u/earth_hair made a moon-themed [x|cast aluminum keyboard case] for a design and manufacturing class. (more)
June 8, 2022

Swept Corne

A wireless-only cross between the Sweep and the Corne: [x|Swept Corne] by u/Additional-Stock3711. (more)
June 7, 2022

Ortho Bakeneko65

u/StickersDrgn designed and shared a custom [x|ortholinear-ish PCB] to fit a Bakeneko65 case. (more)
June 7, 2022

Miryoku ZMK

[x|Miryoku], Manna Harbour's popular keyboard layout, is now available for ZMK. (more)
June 7, 2022

Behind the Scenes of Issue 81

Quick news and Issue #80 follow-up. Reuters family photo & another way to support Ukraine. New discounts, giveaway: winner and new prize. (more)
June 6, 2022

Macropad dump

[x|Three macropad projects] have been published recently: the VoidPad 9S1E by Tuxic, the POSpad by _vastrox_, and Bitdrive made a case for the Spin. (more)
June 6, 2022