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Keyboard vendor database FAQ

The Vendor Database is a searchable interface to find keyboard shops and vendors all over the world. It's free. However, if you want to be part of it, we need a little help.


How to get listed or get data updated?

For now, just send me a mail with your data to the address:
info at

To include your shop (free) we need at least some of the info below.

Please, provide as much detail as you possibly can - more data means more transparency and trust.

Additionally, while you can omit some, there's a vendor score in the making, partially based on the completeness of your profile.

Some good examples: Switch Club, Kirball's Keys.

What are the profile attributes?

AttributeExample & options
Shop nameMagical Keeboards
Shop URL
Shop intro"Magical Keeboards was founded in 2020 by John (u/KBguy888). It is based in Florence, Italy, and sells keyboards, switches and keycaps focusing on split and ortholinear models."

(avoid relative dates like "2 years ago", "for the last 3 years")

Shop typeOne or more of these:

storefront, manufacturer, showroom

When did you start the shop?Year or exact date if it's known. (If you provide an exact date your shop will be highlighted on that day annually.)
Postal addressMagical Keeboards, Piazza della Tastatura, 65 - 50131 Firenze - Italy

(Use the general syntax of your country.)

Do you ship globally?Y/N. If not, what part of the world is covered?
Product rangeChoose from this list in order of relevance (delete irrelevant ones):

keyboard, switch, keycap, parts, tools, PCB, plate, case, cable, lube, split, ortho, GB, deskmat, wrist-rest, artisan

Shop runner's name/nickJohn Doe (u/KBguy888)
Shop runner's intro"Hey, I'm John from Magical Keeboards. An avid keyboard builder obsessed with split designs, low profile and logical layout optimizaton since 2018. You can find me on r/mk, GH and Keebtalk as KBguy888."

(avoid relative dates like "2 years ago")

Team size2

(The total number of team members/employees/co-workers at the store.)

Team textOptional, for listing team members: e.g. "John & Jane"
Promo code(s)e.g. KBDNEWS

(Shops offering general discount codes for the community are highlighted in the search results. This affects the visits and clickthroughs A LOT!

Promo code detailsExplanation. E.g. "for deskmats only", "one use per customer", "10% off orders $10 or above", "$5 off first orders", etc.
Contact name*Won't be published nor spammed.
Contact email*Won't be published nor spammed.

* An official contact and email address is only needed to clear things up or occasionally announce updates. Sent probably VERY rarely - if ever... Part of your vendor score though.


Send the data or request to the address: info at

Thanks for your contribution!

How to get highlighted in the list?

At the moment the following vendors are highlighted:

  • Vendors offering general discount codes for the community (use "KBDNEWS" if possible) - Also, provide limitations if any (one use, for in-stock items only, for first buyers only, etc.)
  • Vendors regularly supporting the project (donation)

Don't take this for granted though. This is not a paid service but a token of my gratitude towards these vendors.

What about the vendor map?

How to get displayed on the keyboard store map? Why is my shop not shown?

Only about half of the shops are displayed on the map, those with proper address or at least city* data:

  • Vendors providing exact coordinates.
  • Vendors providing an exact address.
  • Vendors providing at least a city.*

* This works only for cities with one shop. For major cities with more shops icons overlap and I stopped adding them in some cases (Toronto, Melbourne, Singapore, Shenzhen, etc.) until more specific data is provided.

All in all, send me your address or exact coordinates to be displayed.

How to highlight my shop on the map? How to display my logo?

Currently, there are two ways to highlight your shop on the map interface: a pulsing halo and the clickable 128x128 icons.

  • To keep the map uncluttered, I'm going to highlight only the top 5 supporters (regular donors) with the pulsing mark.
  • Currently, vendor icons appear randomly from a pool of donors on two spots of the map.

This is not a paid service, just my token of gratitude towards people supporting any of my projects.

However, if you'd like to see your logo fixed on the map, you can contact me (info at with your offer. (Only two places available.)

What is the vendor score?

The vendor score is an upcoming feature. An index with a maximum value of 10. (It's already calculated but not published yet.)

It's components are:

  • Completeness of your vendor profile (the more data provided the better)
  • Your website content (contact, about us, shipping & return policy, faq, etc.)
  • Your response time

How can you support the project?

If you have an affiliate program you can give us an affiliate link.

In addition, while this tool is free, we accept donations to keep it alive:

Support this project

Best regards,
Tamas Dovenyi
info at