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Zwolle, The Netherlands is a large mechanical keyboard store mainly focusing on the market in the Netherlands but also shipping to all other EU countries. It was founded in January 2021 by S.A. van den Broek and Y. Groenhof. coupon code:
KBDNEWS (€5 off first orders)

Data sheet

Shop URL:
Product range:keyboard, keycap, switch, tools, lube, deskmat, cable
Promo code:KBDNEWS (€5 off first orders)
Founded:January 24, 2021
Base of operation:Zwolle, The Netherlands (region: Europe)
Ships to:EU
Postal address:Clickeys V.O.F., Dorsmolen 13, 8044TE Zwolle, The Netherlands
Shop runner:Sander van den Broek and Yoël Groenhof
Shop runner's intro:

Sander and Yoël both have been into the mechanical keyboard hobby for many years. Sadly the amount of products available in the Netherlands has always been little. In 2021 they decided to change this by starting

Team:(Sander & Yoël) on the map (full map)

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