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Lidzbark, Poland

We just want to make custom keyboards more available to enthusiasts, have some fun, meet new people. The little profit we make will be used for research and development of new fun products and improving existing ones.

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KBDNEWS (6% discount)

Data sheet

Type:storefront, manufacturer
Shop name:FalbaTech
Shop URL:
Product range:keyboard, split, switch, parts, case, tools
Promo code:KBDNEWS (6% discount)
Founded:June 2, 2014
Base of operation:Lidzbark, Poland (region: Europe)
Ships to:global
Postal address:ul. Cibórz 2, 13-230 Lidzbark
Shop runner:Falba brothers
Shop runner's intro:

One of us is a keyboard enthusiast and expert in this topic. His hobby is building and modding keyboards, collecting vintage keyboards and is always looking for a way to improve the typing feel. Another one of us is an tinkerer and engineer. His hobby is building electronic toys and robots, as well as programming microcontrollers.

Team:(We are 2 brothers.)

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