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San Gabriel, CA, US

We are mechanical keyboard hobbyist like you from Los Angeles, California since 2015.

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Data sheet

Shop name:Kebo
Shop URL:
Product range:keyboard, switch, artisan, parts, PCB, plate, case, tools, lube
Promo code:KBDNEWS, KBDNEWS10 (5% off with KBDNEWS or 10% with KBDNEWS10 (8/10/22 ~ 8/16/22))
Founded:February 14, 2019
Base of operation:San Gabriel, CA, US (region: USA)
Ships to:global
Postal address:1005 East Las Tunas Drive #610, San Gabriel, California 91776, USA
Shop runner:Jackie
Shop runner's intro:

I began by organizing a few tiny group buys on Reddit as a hobbyist back in 2015, and then I went on to a small platform to sell off some of the leftovers from that. We began operating the company under the Kebo brand name in 2019.


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