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Los Angeles, CA, US

We are an online store dedicated to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. We stock components at reasonable prices and ensure they're always in stock.

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Data sheet

Shop name:KeebsForAll
Shop URL:
Product range:GB, keyboard, kit, switch, keycap, cable, deskmat, wrist-rest, parts, PCB, plate, tools, lube
Promo code:referral link ($5 off (just click the shop link))
Base of operation:Los Angeles, CA, US (region: USA)
Ships to:global
Postal address:KeebsForAll, 11718 Folkstone Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90077-1310
Shop runner:Candice (u/keebsforall)
Shop runner's intro:

I have always loved mechanical keyboards, but I have always bought them from mainstream vendors. After spending hundreds of dollars, I still couldn't find one that felt good to type on. This led me down the long decent into the world of the custom mechanical keyboard sceneā€¦ In just a few months, I went from having zero customs to having five--three of which we built ourselves. Like many of you, I am still looking for my endgame keeb.


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