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Istanbul, TR

Rationalkeys is the leading hub for enthusiasts of mechanical keyboards and keyboard components in Turkey and beyond. As a trailblazer in the Turkish market, Rationalkeys proudly offers unique access to renowned global brands alongside our own expertly engineered designs.

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KBDNEWS ($5 off first orders, $50 or above. One per customer.)

Data sheet

Type:storefront, manufacturer, showroom
Shop name:Rationalkeys
Shop URL:
Product range:keyboard, switch, keycap, parts, tools, PCB, plate, case
Promo code:KBDNEWS ($5 off first orders, $50 or above. One per customer.)
Founded:December 11, 2020
Base of operation:Istanbul, TR (region: Europe)
Ships to:global
Postal address:Nispetiye mah. Fecri Ebcioğlu cad. No:11/35 – Beşiktaş İstanbul Turkey
Shop runner:Ali Ipek (klisali)
Shop runner's intro:

Hello, I'm Ali, co-founder of Rationalkeys. My journey with mechanical keyboards began in 2018, sparked by a suggestion from a friend who is now my business partner. This initial curiosity quickly turned into a profound passion, leading us to create Rationalkeys. Our original concept was to design distinctive keyboards and PCBs, but it soon expanded to offering an extensive collection of keyboards, parts, and accessories to the Turkish market.

Now, I am excited to share the world of Rationalkeys with you. Here, we focus exclusively on the art of mechanical keyboards, celebrating them as the centerpiece of technological interaction and personal expression. As a fellow keyboard enthusiast, I am dedicated to exploring and sharing this adventure with our community. Together, we are constantly learning and growing in our appreciation for the intricacies and artistry of mechanical keyboards.

Team:(Ali, Serdar, Melih)

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