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Chicago, IL, US

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Data sheet

Shop name:SwitchOddities
Shop URL:
Product range:switch
Promo code:No general coupon.
Founded:March 17, 2022
Base of operation:Chicago, IL, US (region: USA)
Ships to:global
Postal address:5850 W. 55th St. Unit 3C Chicago IL 60638
Shop runner:John Bajorek (u/MechanicalBionicle)
Shop runner's intro:

I got into mechanical keyboards in late 2020 with my first hotswap board. I didn't want to commit to a switch without trying a bunch of different kinds, then I started collecting, and now I help people do the same. Whether you want a pile of switches to try out, or want to collect some more obscure switches I aim to have a wide variety of singles for sale.


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